Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture through Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans (SCALA) 


Joint SCALA & FACS webinar: An introduction to effective collaborative action


The SCALA programme and UNDP's FACS team organized an interactive and engaging webinar on 21 June and 28 June.  The webinar aimed to highlight why collaboration is needed in support of NDC and NAP implementation in the agriculture and land use sectors. It also provided an overview of UNDP’s Effective Collaborative Action methodology, along with the history and lessons learned in its application.  The session walked through an example of what Effective Collaborative Action looks like in practice and lastly, it outlined key guiding questions for using the methodology. 

This session was important because catalyzing system-level change in the agriculture and land use sector in support of NDCs and NAPs is essential, and in a way that preserves biodiversity and improves livelihoods. More often than not though, most of us face great challenges in implementing our work arising from socio-political complexities of the systems we work in. That is why an important part of the solution lies in transforming our approach to create a system-level change.  The session Facilitator was Maria Soledad Riestra from UNDP’s FACS team.

Webinar materials:

Full webinar recording (English)