Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture through Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans (SCALA) 

SCALA Private Sector Engagement Facility 
PS facility

The SCALA Private Sector Engagement Facility was launched at the COP26 by the programme to foster stronger partnerships between public and private sector actors to identify private sector-oriented interventions to engage businesses in implementing climate plans and commitments in countries. The UNDP-FAO Support Programme on Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture through NDCs and NAPs (SCALA) recognizes national climate plans such as the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) as crucial vehicles to create enabling policy and regulatory environments and investment plans for increasing private sector engagement in agriculture, forestry and other land use sectors for climate action.

SCALA has established a Private Sector Engagement Facility for private sector engagement in NDC/NAP implementation through demand-led approaches based on countries’ national agriculture and land use sector priorities. The Facility is available to support 12 non-SCALA countries and will draw on tools, emerging lessons and partnerships development under the programme.

There is a major financing gap for agriculture, forestry, and land use sectors. The private sector can play a more substantial role given the emerging investment opportunities in this space. In addition to helping bridge the financing gap, the private sector is an important source of technical knowledge, human capital, and innovation. By working with the private sector, public sector climate change interventions can target changes at multiple entry points in the agri-food system.

All developing countries eligible for Official Development Assistance with a strong focus on agriculture and land use in their NDCs and/or NAP are eligible for technical assistance services and may request support. Priority will initially be given to requests from the 46 Least Developed Countries (LDCs), which are most vulnerable to climate change and have so far accessed limited finance to mitigate and adapt to climate change. A call for applications has been made to the UNFCCC Focal Points of countries by the programme.

Countries can request support depending on their needs from a broad menu of options. Services will be offered in the form of targeted assistance through technical trainings, workshops, dialogues and roundtables, project concept note development, market and value chain analyses and delivery support on topics related to land use and agriculture.

Private Sector Engagement Facility Service Offer Areas