Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture through Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans (SCALA) 

FAO/Victor Sokolowicz

Systems-level assessments II (Internal)


This webinar was organized to target all colleagues in FAO and UNDP country, regional and global offices working under the SCALA programme, including any national consultants who may be undertaking systems-level assessments and relevant government counterparts who might be engaged in carrying out the systems-level assessments at the country level. The webinar was designed as a follow-up to the systems-level assessments webinar hosted by the SCALA global team in March 2022, on the key elements of systems-level assessments and related methodological approaches, tools, and resources.

Currently, most SCALA country teams are in the planning stage of their systems-level assessments. Based on bilateral consultations and requests for further guidance on the conceptualization and design of systems-level assessments within the context of SCALA, this webinar was organized to enhance participants’ understanding of systems-level assessments in the context of SCALA, foster cross-country sharing on the approaches to planning and undertaking systems-level assessments, and launch guidance on how to integrate private sector mapping and outreach into systems-level assessments. 

The webinar aimed to: 

  • Provide SCALA colleagues an opportunity to update each other on programme implementation progress;
  • Foster exchange on country teams’ approaches to carrying out systems-level assessments – featuring the experiences of Uganda (Landscape Assessment in the Cattle Corridor) and Costa Rica (GHG Emissions Assessment); 
  • Share guidance on how to integrate private sector mapping and outreach into systems-level assessments.