Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform

Territorial experiences

An innovative virtual market platform, supported by the infoDev (World Bank) program, that connects farmers and buyers to the hospitality and restaurant sector.
The "Bioenergy Villages" project, in rural Gothinga, Germany, aims to promote local production of renewable energy in 120 villages in the region. Also known as the Gottinger lands, the focus is on renewable energy and climate protection.
European Network for Rural Development
Using a comprehensive approach, various institutions committed to these territories are looking for ways to achieve the well-being of the people by addressing nutrition through the valorization of local products.
The Project includes pilot initiatives in three villages to develop digital solutions for affordable rural services.
European Network for Rural Development
Agricultural resources such as animals and plants are used for social and therapeutic services, in rural areas.
European Network for Rural Development
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Andrés Betancourth López y Olga Janeth Galindo Ruiz
The "Bioculture and Climate Change" project in Bolivia encourages the use of ancestral knowledge and traditions to promote the preservation of High Andean ecosystems.
Roberto Daza
A project that aims to improve the education of children living in rural Panama through the dissemination of educational tools.
Lourdes García Armuelles
"Haku Wiñay" has been operating in Peru, since 2009, the project focuses on income generation for rural poor households.
A new project drives the sustainable economic development of rural families in Nicaragua's León and Chinandega nature reserves, with beekeeping activities.
José Armando González
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