As the world gears up to fight climate change, agri-food systems are expected to play their part. The sector is increasingly attracting attention as a key area for carbon reduction and curbing emissions is becoming a key global investment and policy theme. This webinar explores challenges and opportunities in the move to low carbon agri-food systems, as identified through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and FAO joint study, ‘Carbon neutrality: utopia or the new green wave? Challenges and opportunities for agri-food systems’ (to be released in January 2022). See summary: ’The Shortest Path: Accelerating Investment Towards Carbon-Neutral Agrifood Systems’

FAO will provide a synthesis of the evolving situation in agrifood systems from a carbon neutrality perspective, exploring key challenges and opportunities for achieving low carbon agrifood systems. In addition to highlighting the key problems with existing methods and standards to measure and track carbon neutrality in agrifood systems, FAO will provide strategic insights on the steps needed to move the carbon neutrality agenda forward in terms of key investment opportunities and public policy priorities. 

Following this presentation, Director of Agribusiness at EBRD, Natalya Zhukova; Martial Bernoux, Senior Natural Resources Officer from FAO; and speakers from several high profile agribusinesses in the EBRD regions will speak about their decarbonisation paths.

In the context of this discussion, FAO will describe a new adaptation, biodiversity and carbon mapping tool, ABC-Map, developed in collaboration with Agence Française de Développement and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Federal Republic of Germany (as part of the Boosting Koronivia project). ABC-Map facilitates the evaluation and impact of projects, investments and policies on the agricultural sector by providing information on climate and geophysical profile of the area of interest, the impact on biodiversity and the total carbon stock against the business as usual situation based on the past trends.’ 

Join to watch our open discussions about what decarbonisation really means in the agri-food sector.

Livestreamed on EBRD YouTube channel

Organizers: EBRD and FAO