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Nouf Alayyadhi - 13 Nov 2023

As a follow-up to a successful workshop held in 2021, RNE-HR Team took initiative once again to organize an event in June of this year, in collaboration with various HR counterparts and the FAO Office of Emergencies and Resilience, this time to highlight the critical role of Human Resources in emergency and crisis contexts. With particular focus on countries facing food crises and Level 3 countries, where FAO plays a significant corporate role, the objective of the event was to enhance HR practices, knowledge share and foster effective collaboration. 

Throughout the four-day event, colleagues delivered insightful presentations delving into the human resource challenges and opportunities inherent to crisis settings. Topics such as Danger Pay, Rest & Recreation, Security, and Medical Issues provided valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of respecting and implementing Fast Track Procedures in Level 3 countries. The workshop also provided a valuable opportunity for collective problem-solving to improve the systems that support daily work. The event saw the presence of more than 250 FAO personnel coming from all parts of the world.

The RNE HR Awareness Week served as a crucial platform for exploring the various challenges of crisis contexts and recognizing the significant role of Human Resources in crisis settings and in prioritizing well-being and health of personnel. As the Organization places people at the center of humanitarian action, it is essential to celebrate their performance and achievements while continuously improving the working environment. This year in view of the focus on Level 3 Emergencies , FAORs of respective Country Offices gladly accepted to share their views in context of L3s and their challenges making this year’s event another success under RNE’s belt.



Nouf Alayyadhi 

Human Resources Officer

FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa


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