FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa


Technical Expertise
by Nouf Alayyadhi - 13/11/2023

As a follow-up to a successful workshop held in 2021, RNE-HR Team took initiative once again to organize an event in June of this year, in collaboration with various HR counterparts and the FAO Office of Emergencies and Resilience, this time to highlight the critical role of Human Resources in emergency and crisis contexts.

by Mohamed Alaidaroos Alhashimi - 30/09/2023

As we prepare to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, it is crucial to underscore the significance of this global platform for advancing the sustainable development agenda in the Arab region and worldwide.

Technical Expertise
by Thaer Yaseen - 07/09/2023

The Near East and North Africa (NENA) region is challenged by the continuous threat of transboundary plant pests and diseases, the introduction and spread of which is facilitated by increased trade activities,

Partnerships & Cooperations
by Kayan Jaff - 14/08/2023

The Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Unit (SPRM) is designed to promote a more systematic use of partnerships in the Near East and North Africa Region (NENA), and to provide practical guidance to FAO units and partners to facilitate the selection, prioritization, development and management of new or renewed partnerships.

by Abdulhakim Elwaer - 14/08/2023

The Arab region is facing unprecedented challenges in its efforts to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition and ensure that everyone has access to adequate and affordable healthy diets. This is due to multiple challenges and factors beyond the actions and controls of Arab countries.

Technical Expertise
by HEBA AL-HARIRY - 09/08/2023

In June 2022, FAO launched the interregional Water Scarcity Platform (iRTP-WS) as a "Centre of Excellence" that brings together experts and stakeholders from various regions, drawing on their collective knowledge, in an action and result-oriented partnership to accelerate the achievement of water, food and climate security, as well as sustainable development in the various regions.