Countries agree on international guidelines to mark fishing gear
9 February 2018, Rome- In a historic decision, countries today agreed on a set of draft Voluntary Guidelines on Marking Fishing Gear taking a big step forward towards cleaner seas and safer navigation. It is expected that these guidelines will receive final endorsement by FAO’s Committee on Fisheries (COFI) in July 2018.

Made predominantly of plastic, fishing gear, when abandoned, lost or discarded at sea, is a significant component of marine debris and has been a concern of FAO Members for decades. Approximately eight million tonnes of plastic litter, up to ten percent of which is estimated to come from the fisheries sector, ends up in our oceans every year.

Ari Gudmundsson, Head of FAO Fishing Operation and Technology Branch, elaborates on the Voluntary Guidelines on marking of fishing gear. Interview conducted by Murielle Sarr
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