TZH 01 - Producing food in times of crisis: a look inside FAO’s work in emergencies

In this first episode of TARGET: Zero Hunger, we'll explore FAO’s work in emergencies and what it takes to help families produce food in some of the most difficult crisis regions in the world.  FAO Communications officer Like Visser will take us deep into the Nyal region of South Sudan, where people have been struggling with severe food insecurity for months; and we speak to Etienne Peterschmitt, who leads FAO’s emergency response to the crisis in Yemen, about the day-to-day realities of supporting food production in an active conflict zone.

We'll also talk to Toby Lanzer, the UN’s Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sahel, and with Vincent Martin, Coordinator of FAO’s resilience team in West Africa and the Sahel, about what it's like to build an emergency response plan for a region of 150 million people. Along the way, they help answer why investing in agriculture in crisis regions is not only key to saving the lives and livelihoods of people facing hunger, but for securing a decent future for generation of young people growing up in rural areas.

Click here for a transcript of this week's podcast.

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