Great opportunity in fisheries and aquaculture sector to improve rights, income and livelihoods of fishing and fish farming communities

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©FAO/Ines Gonsalves
UN Ocean Conference: Some progress made but much work needed to achieve 2030 Agenda fishery-related targets , FAO Director-General says

Aquaculture is also crucial in helping feed the world even though not directly reflected in SDG14 on Life Below Water 

Theerawat Payakyut
Record fisheries and aquaculture production makes critical contribution to global food security

FAO’s The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture says growth driven by aquaculture

OECD-FAO: Heads of OECD and FAO emphasise the importance of peace and transforming our agrifood systems for guaranteeing access to food for the world’s poorest

Agricultural Outlook 2022-31 underscores crucial role of investments in technology, infrastructure and human capital to raise agricultural productivity

©FAO/Alessia Pierdomenico
UN report: Reducing trade costs can help drive sustainable development

FAO’s State of Agricultural Commodity Markets examines ways to enhance the contribution of trade to food security, resilience and environmental goals

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