FAO launches with its host “Let’s give the gift of a sustainable city”

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FAO pledges upscaled support for better nutrition and healthy diets for all

FAO Director-General addresses Nutrition for Growth event and stresses the importance of advocacy and awareness-raising.

©FAO/Fahad Kaizer
Spearheading the shift from disaster response to anticipatory action in agriculture

FAO Director-General: Acting ahead of crises means protecting people's lives and livelihoods with benefits that reach far into the future

©FAO/Cristina Aldehuela
Plastics in agrifood systems: The good, the bad and the ugly

Ocean litter has been making the headlines, but a new report by FAO suggests that plastic pollution is also pervasive in our agricultural soils

World Soil Day: FAO highlights the threat of soil salinization to global food security

New report on soil shows 55 percent of countries surveyed lack adequate capacities for soil analysis

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