Programme Against African Trypanosomosis (PAAT)

Tsetse and African animal trypanosomosis

The Atlas of tsetse and African animal trypanosomosis (AAT) is an initiative of FAO, jointly implemented with IAEA in the framework of PAAT. The Atlas aims to assemble and map published information on the occurrence of Glossina species and AAT in Africa. Data collected from 1990 onwards and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are included. The initiative also aims to assist endemic countries in developing national Atlases of tsetse and AAT that, as opposed to the continental Atlas, can rely on both published and unpublished information and datasets.

The overall goal of the Atlas initiative is to enable affected countries to better manage and analyze epidemiological information for improved, evidence-based decision making.



African animal


[Glossina species] [Glossina pallidipes] [Glossina morsitans submorsitans] [Glossina tachinoides] [Glossina fuscipes fuscipes]



[Glossina species] [Glossina longipennis] [Glossina austeni] [Glossina pallidipes] [Glossina swynnertoni] [Glossina brevipalpis] [Glossina fuscipes fuscipes]



[Glossina species] [Glossina pallidipes] [Glossina morsitans submorsitans] [Glossina fuscipes fuscipes]