FAO in Pakistan


This Country Programming Framework (CPF) sets out three government priority areas to guide FAO's partnership with and support to the Government of Pakistan (GoP), leveraging innovative international good practices and global standards with national and international expertise during the 5 years from 2023 to 2027. The CPF draws on the previous CPF 2018–2022 and the recently developed United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) 2023–2027. The CPF was prepared based on the consultation with Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFS&R), Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives (MPD&SI), Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) and other relevant ministries and departments at the federal level. Provincial and regional level governments, academia, UN agencies and resource partners have also been consulted. The CPF is based on an extensive review of policies and development frameworks and published materials related to the food and agricultural sector of Pakistan (Read More).

Many farmers across the world are facing new devastating challenges to their livelihoods. For many, this is just one more crisis to overcome. With crisis times increasing, resilience is critical. FAO is supporting and working together with farmers and rural communities to ensure that they are resilient to these new challenges and are equipped to handle the changes brought on by COVID-19. Now and in the future, FAO continues to help communities better face these crises so that families can support themselves and meet their needs beyond these difficult times.