Pesticide Registration Toolkit

Criteria 5: Stockholm Convention

Pesticide active ingredients listed by the Stockholm Convention in its Annexes A and B, and those meeting all the criteria in paragraph 1 of annex D of the Convention;

Annex A: Persistent Organic Pollutants to be eliminated
Annex B: Persistent Organic Pollutants

Annex D: Screening criteria for POPs



Identification procedure

Pesticides listed on Annex A and B can easily be found on the Stockholm Convention web site.

Whether pesticides meet the screening criteria for POPs, as defined in Annex D of the Convention, will need to be assessed by Regulators. Such pesticides may not (yet) be listed in Annex A or B.

The HHP Identification Tool presently only includes the parameters describing the criteria for Persistence and for Bioaccumulation. No explicit parameters for Long-range transport and Adverse effects are mentioned in Annex D; these are to some extent subjective. Therefore, the latter two criteria have not been included in the HHP Identification Tool. Regulators will need to assess these criteria themselves.

Annex D: Screening criteria for POPs:

Persistence AND

Bioaccumulation AND


  • DT50-water > 2 months
  • DT50-soil > 6 months
  • DT50-sediment > 6 months
  • Otherwise sufficiently persistent



  • BCF/BAF-aquat. species > 5000
  • Log Kow > 5
  • High bioaccumulation in other species
  • Monitoring showing bioaccumulation potential


Potential for long-range environmental transport

AND Adverse effects


  • Measured residues of concern distant from sources
  • Monitoring data showing potential for long-range transport
  • Fate properties indicate potential for long-range transport



  • Evidence of adverse effects to human health or environment
  • Toxicity/ecotoxicity data showing potential for damage to human health or environment


Data sources

Annex A & B

Annex D