Plant Production and Protection

Using precision seeding to optimize crop yields

Friday, 29 September 2023 |12:30-14:00 | Iran Room

Roma (Italy), Hybrid Event, 29/09/2023

Precision seeding technology maximizes crop yield while conserving seeds and protecting the environment. Various types of precision seed machinery suit diverse farmer needs worldwide, promoting sustainability and food security. The global precision planting market is growing rapidly due to climate change, population growth, and increased demand for food. However, adoption remains low in developing countries. An event by the Plant Production and Protection Division aims to educate and raise awareness about modern planting technologies. Experts will discuss benefits and address misconceptions, hoping to attract government and private investment to optimize crop yield and meet global challenges.



The aim of the side event, organized by the Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP),  is to bring together a panel of notable experts and users of precision seeding technologies to present information on the performance and benefits of modern planting technologies in varying farming circumstances, and to share ideas with a diverse audience with the view to educate, raise awareness, discuss potential areas of opportunity, and clarify misconceptions that may serve as barriers to technology adoption.

12.30-12.35Welcome address and opening remarksChikelu Mba, Deputy Director Plant Production and Protection Division.
12.35-12.43Brief outline of side event and introduction of panel membersTheodor Friedrich, Independent Expert, Germany
12.43-12.55The evolution and trend in precision seedingMaik Freitag, Sales & Product manager NOVAK
12.55-13.08Precision seeding technologies for sustainable crop productionGabriela Cruz, European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)
13.08-13.20No-till precision seeding and the management of crop residues as soil coverMarie Bartz, Researcher, CARe-Bio
13.20-13.32The potential of advanced precision seeding techniques using cutting-edge technologies to increase crop productivityHongwen Li, CTRC, China
13.32-13.44The potential benefits of precision seeding technologies and how to enhance adoption by smallholder farmers.Saidi Mkomwa, ED, African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT), Kenya
13.44-13.58DISCUSSIONTheodor Friedrich, Independent Expert, Germany
13.58-14.00Vote of thanks and closing remarksChikelu Mba, Deputy Director Plant Production and Protection Division.