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Bees provide a critical link in the maintenance of ecosystems, pollination. They play a major role in maintaining biodiversity, ensuring the survival of many plants, enhancing forest regeneration, providing sustainability and adaptation to climate change and improving the quality and quantity of agricultural production systems.


The control and management strategies of red palm weevil require strengthened collaborations from countries and institutions at regional and global level. Additionally, innovative solutions that is environmentally friendly are needed to monitor the pest.

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The 2023 International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Annual Report provides an overview of the IPPC Secretariat's key achievements for the year, as well as progress towards the achievement of the IPPC Strategic Framework. The report outlines achievements and progress in governance, standards setting, implementation, partnerships, and communication.

IPPCIPPC Annual Report

This manual provides the standard process, unified requirements and procedures, harmonized definitions and nomenclature, technical guidelines and standards applicable to microbial pesticides for use in agriculture and public health.

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This guide provides a brief history of the potato from its origins in the Andes mountains to a global food staple as well as its profound impact on human beings and farming systems. It’s also a call to action for governments, civil society and non-government organizations, parents and educators to learn more about the potato and how it enriches our lives.

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