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Global Actions and Initiatives

Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products: One Country One Priority Product (OCOP)

The Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products: One Country One Priority Product (OCOP) is a five-year programme (2021-25) launched by FAO to promote at global, regional and local levels the Special Agricultural Products with unique qualities and special characteristics that can contribute to the transformation to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life, leaving no one behind.

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Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control

In December 2019, FAO launched the Global Action for FAW Control (GA) as an urgent response to the rapid spread of FAW. The GA takes radical, direct and coordinated measures to strengthen prevention and sustainable pest control capacities at a global level. It complements and bolsters ongoing FAO activities on FAW. The GA has established a global coordination mechanism for an open and collaborative dialogue towards science-based solutions. It has also supported the establishment of National Task Forces on FAW, and the mobilization of resources for applied research geared towards practical and efficient solutions.

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Green Cities Initiative
Green Cities Initiative

The Initiative focuses on improving the urban environment, strengthening urban-rural linkages and the resilience of urban systems, services and populations to external shocks. Ensuring access to a healthy environment and healthy diets from sustainable agri-food systems, increasing availability of green spaces through urban and peri-urban forestry, it will also contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable resource management. A “Green Cities Network” will allow cities of all sizes - from megapolis to medium to small - to share experiences, best practices, successes and lessons learned, as well as build city-to-city cooperation opportunities.

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Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Pollination is a keystone process in both human managed and natural terrestrial ecosystems. It is critical for food production and human livelihoods, and directly links wild ecosystems with agricultrual production systems. The vast majority of flowering plant species only produce seeds if animal pollination move pollen from the anthers to the stigmas of their flowers. Without this service, many interconnected species and processes functioning within an ecosystem would collapse.

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Global Action on Pollination Services



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