Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

FAO Food Loss App (FLAPP)



The FAO Food Loss App (FLAPP) is an innovative tool that was introduced to a global audience through a webinar on 25 April 2024. Attended by more than 150 people originating from 41 countries across the globe, a webinar recently organized by FAO gave a broad overview of the rationale for the development of the FLAPP and the benefits and win-wins that can be derived from its use.   

By providing accessible information on food loss through video advisories, the FLAPP offers the opportunity to enhance the capacities of farmers, companies, producer associations and cooperatives to make informed decisions and apply evidence-based solutions. It will also make significant strides in enhancing FAO’s ability to analyze where and why food losses take place at the farm level by utilizing crowd-sourced information from farmers, and contributing to the efforts and commitments undertaken by countries and all stakeholders towards achieving SDG 12.3, and its indicators, especially the one aimed at reducing food losses (SDG 12.3.1).

Currently reporting on 10 countries and 7 commodities, this dynamic app, with adaptive content, will continue to expand its coverage, both in terms of countries and commodities, as the user base grows becoming more specific and comprehensive. To date, the FLAPP collects information related to on-farm losses, but will in the future cover the entire value chains up to retail.

The FAO FLAPP is a clear example of knowledge for action and targeted results.

To register as a FAO FLAPP user, click HERE (English and Español),  and make your data count in enriching the global knowledge and understanding of food losses worldwide.

If you have any question on the FLAPP go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


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