Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture



This publication aims to document the lessons learned from the introduction of a land consolidation instrument in North Macedonia during the period 2014–2023. The purpose is to share the experiences with land consolidation, which will also be of great relevance for other countries in Europe and Central Asia and beyond that are in the process of introducing land management instruments such as land consolidation and land banking.


The objective of the Dialogue was to discuss challenges, exchange views and opportunities in addressing ways to mainstream biodiversity across agricultural sectors in Europe and Central Asia, promoting inclusive sustainable and resilient agri-food systems for improved food security and nutrition.


This report has been prepared as part of the FAO technical assistance project Supporting Development of Agriculture Land Markets to bring Abandoned Land into Production (TCP/MCD/3802). It presents the results of the conducted analysis on land abandonment in the context of the current farm structures and land market development and provides comprehensive policy recommendations to improve the situation.


FAO and the International Food Waste Coalition joined forces to develop the “Do Good: Save Food!” series of teaching manuals targeted to children of four different age groups.


Both climate change and biodiversity loss have distorting social and economic impacts on development and cause severe risks for food security, nutrition and livelihoods among rural populations in Europe and Central Asia, most of whom depend directly or indirectly on the agricultural sector.


This good practice factsheet introduces the ePhyto Solution, an innovative system for issuing and exchanging phytosanitary certificates in electronic form in import and export of plants and plant products. The ePhyto Solution supports this objective by responding to the needs of the twenty-first century. Electronic certificates eliminate several drawbacks of paper certificates, such as damage or fraud, and the ePhyto Solution increases the efficiency of their exchange.


This report introduces the vision, rationale, scope and methods for new knowledge products FAO will launch as part of a new Agrifood System Technologies and Innovations Outlook (ATIO).


Land consolidation instruments applied in a multi-purpose approach have a high potential in the countries in Eastern Europe when the scope is broadened from only agricultural development to an integrated approach where agricultural development is facilitated in some parts of the project area and the land use is changed in other parts in connection with the implementation of public initiated projects on nature restoration, improved environment, climate change adaptation and mitigation etc.


Veršinskas, T., Hartvigsen, M., Gorgan, M.


This paper identifies entry points within agri-food systems to improve biodiversity and diets, two levers that can be used to enhance nutrition and optimize environmental sustainability while ensuring social equity, especially of the most vulnerable people. It also presents recommendations for concrete actions by key stakeholders – governments, academia, civil society, private sector, and development partners –to build resilient, inclusive, and sustainable agri-food systems.