Regional Technical Platform on Green Agriculture

A sustainable future food supply in the face of depleting natural resources, climate change, rapid urbanization, changing demographics, and a growing global population is a global challenge.  

There is an imperative for the whole food value chain, from production, processing, packaging, storage, to the transport and delivery of food to the consumer, to take steps to make efficient use of resources in each of their operations to improve social, environmental, and economic sustainability, while staying within planetary boundaries, addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

Current attention on the sustainability of our agrifood systems mainly concentrates on agricultural production, on nutrition, health and well-being.  

The objective of this second component of the RTP is to draw on multidisciplinary insights to highlight why food transformation, processing, transport and distribution play a significant role in actioning green agriculture to transform our agrifood systems. 

Thematic areas
Climate Change


Energy Resources Efficiency

Land Management


Green processing and distribution 


Tajikistan, Vasily Maximov


Green Certification and Green Trade