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Developing gender-sensitive value chains. A guiding framework

Value chain development is an important paradigm in development practice and thinking, including within FAO. However, gender equality dimensions remain often overlooked in value chain development interventions, with the risk of perpetuating existing gender inequalities and, in turn, undermining the efficiency of targeted value chains.

The publications intends to provide practitioners with a conceptual framework on how to develop agri-food value chains which provide women and men with equal opportunities to participate and benefit from value chain development.

The purpose of the publication is to contribute to the publication on Developing sustainable food value chains - Guiding principles (FAO, 2014) from a specific gender perspective. 

The Conceptual Framework aims to raise awareness and discuss the relevance and benefits of addressing gender equality dimensions in VC development; build a common approach to work on gender-sensitive value chain development; and provide concrete guiding principles for the integration of gender concerns into value chain development projects and programmes.

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