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Developing effective forest policy. A guide

Many countries develop or revise forest policies to keep abreast of changing circumstances and to enhance the value of forests to society. Experience from these processes shows that substantial changes have occurred in the past 20 years in both the content of forest policies and the ways in which they are developed or revised. This guide aims to support countries in planning and conducting forest policy development processes. Based on a review of practical experiences, it outlines the rationale  and purpose of a national forest policy and the different elements of the forest policy development process. This publication will help senior officials in government administrations and other stakeholder representatives, including civil society organizations and the private sector, in developing or revising national forest policy. Through this publication and related capacity-building support, FAO hopes to contribute to the development of forest policies that, based on emerging trends and broad agreement among stakeholders, can affirm and enhance the value and sustainable contributions of forests to society.