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Integrated land use management systems in Uzbekistan Part 1. Case studies and governance recommendations. Literature review

This is a literature review on land use and integrated land use management systems in Uzbekistan. The review aims to synthesize and examine the state of knowledge and the scope for establishing various integrated resource and land use management strategies such as types of agroforestry systems and integrated pastoral management for the sustainable management of forest and agricultural resources in Uzbekistan.

The review also aims to explore land use governance in Uzbekistan, delving into the governance structures, formal and informal institutions, their transformations, and path dependencies that shape the post-socialist realities for Uzbekistan. The report reflects upon the land use governance and management practiсes in Uzbekistan against the key principles and suggestions made in the international academic literature on integrated land use systems and governance in semi-arid regions. Drawing on the experiences made in two pilot sites in Uzbekistan (Bukhara and Navoi) with co-management regimes around livestock herding and agricultural use in forest areas, the report seeks to elaborate governance guidelines and recommendations tailored to the specificities and socioeconomic and ecological challenges of the two pilot regions.

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