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RIMA-II: Moving Forward the Development of the Resilience Index Measurement and Ananlysis Model

Building more resilient livelihoods is increasingly being recognized as one of the most powerful means to mitigate – or even prevent – food security crises.
Since 2008, FAO has been at the forefront of efforts to measure the resilience capacity of people to food insecurity and the effectiveness of resilience strenghtening interventions. In this framework, FAO has pioneered the development and the use of Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis (RIMA).
RIMA is an innovative quantitative approach that explain why and how some households cope with shocks and stressors better than others do. The first version of RIMA has been technically improved based on its application in 10 countries.
As a result, the new RIMA-II methodology provides better support for more effectively designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating assistance to populations in need, based on what they need most.