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How2Guide for bioenergy roadmap development and implementation

This How2Guide for Bioenergy is designed to provide stakeholders from government, industry, and other bioenergy-related institutions with the methodology and tools required to successfully plan and implement a roadmap for bioenergy at the national or regional level. As a guide addressed to decision makers in developing, emerging and developed economies, the H2G.BIO does not attempt to cover every aspect of bioenergy conversion technology and deployment, or to be exhaustive in its reference to biomass resources and technologies at the country and regional levels. Rather, the aim is to provide a comprehensive list of steps and issues to be considered at each phase of bioenergy roadmapping and deployment. Selected case studies provide the reader with an overview of the wide array of technology applications that exist. Key drivers for and barriers to the deployment of bioenergy are discussed in detail throughout and realistic options for action are suggested, along with tools and useful information sources for decision makers.

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