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FAO’s Research and Extension Branch promotes debate on the publication ”Experiences and Participatory process approaches to innovation in Agriculture: the case of PBA corporation in Colombia”.

Publication's Summary:

In Colombia, the Foundation for the Sustainable and Participatory Development of Small Rural Producers (Corporación PBA) has developed a strategy for Participatory Rural Innovation (IRP), which prioritizes the development and promotion of farmers’ abilities and skills by using their own knowledge as the basis for this activity. It has also sought to encourage research institutions, state authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations to work closely in the context of social processes at the local level, to promote innovation developed by the people themselves.

The IRP strategy allows development institutions to move from a top-down approach to horizontal interactions, where physical and geographical borders are no longer barriers to participation and learning. Nowadays, communication plays an important role through the use of networks which allow group formation and the interface among rural communities, civil society, the private sector and interest-groups at the local, national and international levels. Priority is given to the sharing of ideas through the dialogue between technical-scientific and traditional knowledge, as well as the promotion of processes based on farmers’ experience.