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Gaming for Peace in Somalia

Young women and men are embracing technology to promote peace

02/05/2023 ,

Communities in southern Somalia have had to cope with increasing scarcity of natural resources. This combined with a lack of basic services has compounded levels of need and increased the likelihood of conflicts.


A short yet perilous seven-kilometre road connects the towns of Buufow and Shalanbood in southern Somalia. The once prosperous agricultural area that produced fruits and vegetables for the region has experienced decades of conflict and destabilization. Just like most parts of the country, the region is severely affected by the ongoing drought. The two communities have had to cope with increasing scarcity of natural resources from which to derive their livelihoods. This combined with a lack of basic services and limited external assistance compounds their levels of need and increases the likelihood of conflicts.  

Quresho Abdirizak, a youth leader who grew up in Shalanbood, has seen firsthand the intercommunal conflict that has frayed the social strands once tying the communities together. Conflicts over water resources, irrigation canals and access to farming areas have been driving a wedge between the two neighbouring communities.

“Two children from the different villages might grow up playing football together, but then due to the situation, as adults they would clash,” said Quresho.

She’s part of a movement of young women and men from Buufow and Shalanbood who share a joint goal of a peaceful and food secure future...


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