Sustainable Food Value Chains Knowledge Platform

Promoting nutrition-sensitive food systems through a multistakeholder approach


FAO has recently published three policy briefs about SMEs in GhanaKenya and Viet Nam. Published under the FAO’s project Strengthening capacities for nutrition-sensitive food systems through a multistakeholder approach, the briefs propose entry points for scaling up the capacities of SMEs as key players in food systems to achieve healthy diets. 

Source: FAO
Language: English

The News item's focus in terms of:
Non-country specific
Commodities: Non-Commodity specific
Topics: Economic sustainability in general, Profitability, Job creation and enhanced livelihoods, Consumer value, Fiscal impact, Wealth accumulation, Social sustainability in general, Equitable distribution of marketing margins, Gender equity, Youth equity, Inclusion of the poor, Vulnerable groups, Community development, Nutrition and health, Socio-cultural elements (Sustainability), Labour welfare, Animal welfare