Governance of Tenure

Administration of tenure

The administration of tenure comprises the operational aspects of tenure. It includes the systems, processes and procedures that govern how tenure rights can be used and transferred, and the government agencies that deliver services. Part 5 of the Voluntary Guidelines addresses the administration of tenure through the recording or registration of tenure rights, valuation, taxation, regulated spatial planning and resolution of tenure disputes. In addition, Section 6 provides guidance on the delivery of services.


Recording tenure rights

Public records of tenure rights (such as in registration and cadastre systems) facilitate the Voluntary Guidelines principles of recognising, respecting, safeguarding and promoting the enjoyment of tenure rights, and of providing access to justice. Recording can improve tenure security for land rights, forest rights and fisheries rights, including for those held by the state and public sector, private sector, and indigenous peoples and other communities with customary tenure. Read more

Valuation and taxation

The valuation of tenure rights using appropriate valuation systems is needed for purposes such as sale and purchase markets, expropriation and taxation. Taxation related to tenure rights can be an important source of revenue and taxes should be fair and efficient. Read more