Governance of Tenure

Developing capacity to improve the governance of tenure

People often need to increase their capacity to improve governance of tenure and to use the Voluntary Guidelines effectively. Increased capacity can be required for different areas and for different people, including representatives from government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), indigenous peoples, the private sector and academia. A range of tools are available to assist groups and individuals in different settings. 

Capacity development for project implementers

Teams implementing projects to improve the governance of land tenure are increasing their technical capacity by sharing experiences and learning from each other. Read more





FAO’s e-learning courses on the governance of tenure offer countries a valuable learning opportunity. The courses, once downloaded, do not require the internet and can be used repeatedly over long periods of time. They cover a range of areas related to tenure including land tenure in the context of natural disaster and how to monitor and promote policy changes on governance of tenure.

Review and select courses

Technical guides

FAO’s Governance of Tenure Technical Guides translate the principles of the Voluntary Guidelines into practical mechanisms, processes and actions. They give examples of responsible practice and provide useful tools for activities such as the design of policy and reform processes in various technical areas. See guides



In addition
to the above guides, a larger number of other technical material on different aspects of tenure are available under Resources.