Urban Food Actions Platform

Some dietary and food recommendations are considered more sustainable and protective of human health and the environment.

The challenge lies in putting the recommendations into practice.

Discover ways and means of incorporating more sustainable and nutritious diets. For instance, reorienting school meal programmes and other institutional food services (from hospitals to elderly homes) to provide nutritious and safe food that contribute to healthy diets; developing regulatory and voluntary instruments to promote sustainable diets and address associated with poor diets and obesity involving private and public companies, using marketing, health promotion and communication programmes; developing and labelling policies/schemes; using economic incentives or disincentives.

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The World Economic Forum together with the Food Action Alliance convened the international community for an action-oriented discussion centred on leading flagship initiatives that hold the potential to realize regional and country-led actions for food systems. From global food systems thinking to local impact, the meeting focused on the global demand for healthy and nutritious food...
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2022 - Coll.
Sustainable diets and nutrition - Reports & Case Studies
One of the most urgent public health problems in society is overweight and obesity . Given the complexity, multitude and diversity of their determinants, overweight and obesity require a systematic approach, rather than interventions focusing only on individual behaviour, and local governments have an important role in developing and fostering...
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Today consumers’ behaviors are not only determined by their knowledge, motivation or sensibility, but also their physical and social environment. That is the reason why a multidisciplinary study to better understand the effects of what is called the “food landscape” on food behaviors has been conducted. Specifically, the project was...
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This article shows the results of a two-year pilot study carried out by the University of Sussex on city allotments in Brighton and Hove.The aforementioned study demonstrates the value of urban food production and how it could be used to reduce food deserts by growing food “closer to where people are” while...
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2021 - Miranda Bryant
Sustainable diets and nutrition, Food loss and waste - Directories
The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is a non-profit organisation helping people learn to cook, eat a healthy diet, and grow their own food and waste less food. This organization, whose aim is to connect and inspire individuals, community groups and organisations, offers a large catalogue of resources about food issues, divided into food...
United Kingdom (Europe)
2021 - The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
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