Committee on Fisheries - 33rd Session

COFI33 - Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda

Iran Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time

FAO has elaborated a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture as a framework for addressing sustainable development in fisheries and aquaculture in a more effective and integrated way. Agenda 2030 is now entering in implementation phase for which, more than ever a comprehensive, evidence-based and participatory problem-solving and policy-making are key to carve the way towards Goal achievements.  Countries and FAO will share their visions and experiences in the implementation and monitoring of Goal 14, namely for indicators 14.4.1 - Sustainable Stocks; Indicator 14.6.1- IUU Fishing ; Indicator 14.7.1 Economic contribution from Sustainable Fisheries, and Indicator 14.b.1 Small Scale Fisheries.


Hashtag #COFI33

Topics: Fisheries & aquaculture
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