Health and safety of workers in the banana industry

The World Banana Forum (WBF) has produced complementary audio-visual tools aimed at strengthening proper health and safety training for workers in the banana industry. This follows the official launch of the Manual on Health and Safety in the Banana Industry in Ecuador in 2018 as a key activity of the WBF’s Banana Occupational Health and Safety Initiative.

The material and content of the videos are based on the manual on health and safety for workers (English version), which has the potential to be transferred worldwide. Workers and stakeholders in the banana industry can thus benefit from these videos to understand the risks, prevention and control measures, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary for the 17 main activities conducted on plantations.

The following videos are in Spanish. English subtitles are forthcoming.

An additional video was produced to highlight specific health and safety concerns faced by women workers in the industry.

These videos were produced in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Ministries of Labour and Agriculture and were launched by the latter during WBF events held at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin, Germany on 6 February 2020. In Ecuador alone, this material has the potential to benefit up to 2.5 million workers involved in the banana industry, whether directly or indirectly.

For more information, please contact Camila Reinhardt at [email protected], Victor Prada at [email protected] and/or the WBF Secretariat at [email protected].