Activities for 2019 and beyond

The activities conducted on OHS in Cameroon have sparked interest of local stakeholders in Ghana, where activities to adapt the manual to the Ghanaian context are being conducted in 2019. Amongst some of the activities being carried out in Ghana are:

  • Development of ‘Guidelines for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Workers’ that are to be included as an annex to the manual, and to be included in all versions of the manual worldwide
  • “Train the trainer” sessions for public and private sector representatives – 30% of those trained are expected to be women
  • Training for workers – 13.5% of workers trained are expected to be women
  • Workshop on Women’s Reproductive Health in the Banana Industry to be held in September 2019

Opportunities to replicate the project in other countries of production are also being explored.

Furthermore, as the first phase of the project has ended in December 2018, the impacts of the BOHESI project at a national scale will need to be evaluated. This will be essential for understanding key learnings and lessons for the potential continuation and replication of BOHESI activities.

Ultimately, the BOHESI coordination team aims to facilitate the establishment of tripartite commissions to effectively address OHS concerns at a national level, and to further support practical steps towards the ratification and implementation of ILO Convention 184. As such, it will work towards the development of an industry strategy on health and safety, as well as for the ratification of ILO Convention 184, to ensure the sustainability of the BOHESI project objective beyond 2018.