Labour Rights (WG03)

The Working Group 03 on Labour Rights works closely with FAO and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Since the first formal meeting of the working group in Guayaquil, Ecuador in November 2010, the group has focused on three priority areas: trade union freedom and collective bargaining, health and safety, and gender equity.

The Working Group 03 has a specialized Task Force on Gender Equity to ensure that gender equity is a cross-cutting theme in the World Banana Forum’s (WBF) work. More information on the Task Force on Gender Equity is available here.

The key outputs of the group so far include:

  • A multi-stakeholder project on occupational health and safety (OHS), which to-date has led to the development and adoption of a National Manual on Health and Safety in the Banana Industry in Ecuador, as a result of tripartite collaboration and consensus;
  • A publication on Labour relations: Successful cases within the banana industry, including an executive summary as well as recommendations on improving labour relations and enabling effective collective bargaining mechanisms;
  • Reports produced on women's employment and decent work within the banana industry, including a Global Overview and regional reports for Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean;
  • A 'Diagnosis on the labour rights situation in 25 priority banana producing countries' and subsequent proposals to WBF stakeholders on freedom of association and collective bargaining, occupational health and safety, and discrimination.

The Working Group has also facilitated a number of key meetings with industry stakeholders including:

  • Multi-stakeholder workshops in Ghana to discuss the decent work agenda in the banana industry, including activities on health and safety, gender equity and living wages (April 2019);
  • A 'Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry', which preceded the Third Global Conference of the WBF (Geneva, 2017);
  • Global meetings of women banana representatives: Rome, Italy in 2019; Bonn, Germany in December 2015; and Guayaquil, Ecuador in February 2012;
  • Capacity building workshops towards active engagement in the WBF and its working groups with male and female banana workers representatives in Latin America (Panama, March 2013) and Africa (Cameroon, 2013);
  • Meetings of the multi-stakeholder coordinators of WG03 in November 2010, August 2011 and February 2012 (all meetings held in Guayaquil, Ecuador).

All stakeholders in the banana industry are welcome to participate in the WBF. If you are interested to join this Working Group, please contact Victor Prada at [email protected], Camila Reinhardt at [email protected] and/or the Secretariat at [email protected].


  • Anna Cooper (Banana Link)      
  • Iris Munguía (COLSIBA)
  • Christelle Lasme (Compagnie Fruitiere)

Members of the WG03 represent diverse actors and stakeholders from the following companies and organizations:

Banana Link, Chiquita, COLSIBA, Compagnie Fruitiere, Dole, Fairtrade International, Fyffes, Golden Exotics Ltd., International Labour Organization (ILO), IUF, Rainforest Alliance, REWE, Tesco, Waitrose, WeWorld, and WINFA.