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16 October 2023

World Food Day

Water is life, water is food. 
Leave no one behind. 

Water is essential to life on Earth. It covers the majority of the Earth's surface, makes up over 50% of our bodies, produces our food, and supports livelihoods.  

But this precious resource is not infinite and we need to stop taking it for granted. What we eat, and how that food is produced all affect water. 

Together, we can take water action for food and be the change. 

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Governments, the private sector, farmers, academia, civil society and individuals need to work together to address water challenges. We need to produce more food, fiber, animal feed and biofuel with less water, while ensuring water is distributed equally, our aquatic food systems are safeguarded, and nobody is left behind.   

Every one of us, including youth, can take water action for the future of food, people, and the planet. 

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Agriculture accounts for 72% of global freshwater withdrawals, while 16% is used by municipalities for households and services, and 12% by industries. 
Currently 2.4 billion people live in water-stressed countries, and approximately 10% of the global population live in countries with high and critical water stress.
Global water demand for agriculture is expected to increase by 35% by 2050. 
Over 80% wastewater in developing countries is released into the environment without being treated.  
Around 74% of all disasters from 2001-2018 were water-related, causing almost USD 700 billion in economic damage. 
Since 2000, flood-related disasters have increased by 134%, and the number and duration of droughts increased by 29%. 
Wetlands - the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems - are disappearing three times faster than forests, and 85% have been lost over the past 300 years. 
Limiting global warming to 1.5°C, compared to 2°C, will benefit water resources and reduce water stress induced by climate change.   
At least 600 million people at least partially depend on aquatic food systems for a living.   
Almost 1 billion tonnes of food – 17% of all food available to consumers worldwide – is thrown away each year, resulting in the waste of precious resources, such as water, that were used to produce it. 
95% of our food is produced on land and all begins with soil and water.   

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Whether you're a government, city, private business, non-government or civil society organization, journalist or individual, you can get involved and call for action.

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World Food Day Poster Contest 2023

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World Food Day Poster Contest 2022

World Food Day - It's your day!

Collective action across 150 countries worldwide, in up to 50 languages, is what makes World Food Day one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar. Hundreds of events and outreach activities bring together governments, municipalities, businesses, CSOs, the media, the public, even youth. They promote worldwide awareness of hunger and promote action for the future of food, people and the planet. 

Together we can create a better, more sustainable food future for all. Make #WorldFoodDay YOUR day. Join the call by organizing an event or activity or show how you are taking action. 

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