Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2022

World Food Day

Governments, the private sector, academia, and civil society and individuals need to work together in solidarity to prioritize the right of all people to food, nutrition, peace and equality. Every one of us, including youth, can work towards an inclusive and sustainable future, showing greater empathy and kindness in our actions.

We must all be the change.

What can businesses do?

Private companies of all sizes need to create inclusive markets with business...

What can civil society do?

Civil society organisations and nongovernmental organisations...

What can academia do?

Researchers and academic institutions need to develop...

What can young people do?

Youth are the change makers of the future. You can be...

What can governments do?

Improved data-driven planning, policymaking, budgeting...

What can you do?

We, the consumers, must act to ensure that no one is left behind...

Learn from nature

Nature works tirelessly on our behalf providing us with our essential needs - water, food, clean air, medicine, and materials for shelter. But the way we produce, consume and waste food is putting unnecessary pressure on natural resources, the environment and climate. It’s time for us to learn from nature and work with it, not against it.

Trees clean our air and cool our cities, but they also work as a community. They communicate with their roots and share resources, like nutrients for food. As a global community, we each have a role to play in the transformation of agrifood systems - from governments to private companiesfarmerscivil society, academia, and all individuals, including youth

Urban Actions for a greener life  

Explore the Urban Actions web app and find out how you can give the gift of a sustainable city!

Urban areas can spark a shift towards greater sustainability that strengthens our communities and environment. Cities that are less wasteful and better connected with the rural areas that sustain them with enough safe, nutritious food. Explore how the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are linked to actions you can take to make your city more inclusive, safe, green and resilient.