Uruguay SINAE

The National Emergency System (SINAE) of the Presidency of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay has been carrying out awareness-raising activities in rural schools and their communities since 2017 on topics related to Comprehensive Risk Management, environmental care, school gardens, management of drinking water and skin health.

During 2017 and 2018 the project had activities in 209 rural schools, attended by more than 4000 girls and boys and 900 teachers and adults. The participants were provided with the tools to identify and prevent the main emergencies that occur in their region. For example, they undertook fire drills and other hands on activities.

Each school was provided a kit containing different materials, including the YUNGA challenge badge books, informative material on disaster reduction, materials for construction of school gardens and educational games on environmental care. In addition, schools that frequently suffer from droughts were provided with 1200 liter tanks for the collection of drinking water.

During 2019 an additional 200 more rural school visits will be undertaken, prioritizing those that have been affected by floods, storms, droughts or other emergencies.