FAO Regional Office for Africa

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) Africa – 2019

Nairobi, Kenya – The Regional Tripartite (FAO, OIE, WHO) and the African Union (Africa CDC and AU-IBAR) will be jointly organizing World Antibiotic Awareness Week campaign for the first time in the region. WAAW 2019 marks a symbolic year as this joint campaign will demonstrate the African solidarity amongst key AMR stakeholders in the region. Through the World Antibiotic Awareness Week campaign in the Africa, this event aims to unite the AMR stakeholders to strengthen their commitment and advocacy efforts towards AMR risk mitigation. By engaging a wide range of stakeholders and audience, WAAW envisions to raise awareness on AMR issues to the general public to create a holistic awareness throughout our society.

In collaboration with the Kenya AMR National Committee, WAAW week will be covering regional, national, or joint events throughout the week.

18 November 2019, Monday

Press Conference 
The media breakfast will be a press conference with journalists for them to learn more on the regional and national vision for AMR mitigation efforts. Each organization will have a representative to talk with the media at the press conference.

  • Media and information session (Tripartite/AU)
  • Media and information session (national AMR team)
  • Launch of the national Mott Fleming Fund project.

High level Advocacy event 
At the high-level advocacy event, AMR stakeholders will gather to strengthen commitment support NAP implementation in African Countries. Panel discussions and signing ceremony will be in place to demonstrate the political will to enhance advocacy efforts.

20 November 2019, Wednesday

Field event - A Field event to meet grass-root AMR stakeholders will be held.

21-22 November 2019, Thursday – Friday

A Symposium for researchers and academics will be held to exchange the most updated studies on AMR.

23 November 2019, Saturday

One Health students studying medicine, biochemistry, pharmacy and veterinary science will gather to celebrate the One Health spirit and raise awareness on the urgency of AMR issues and the importance of individual’s role from different sectors.