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Video: Conserving and Managing our Forests: Bay Homo Community Conservation Area, South Pentecost, Vanuatu


Forests in the South Pacific have a crucial role in the survival of the island peoples. They can be compared to a supermarket located on the doorstep of a house, stocked with construction material, energy, food and medicines. They provide shelter, clean drinking water and have important cultural significance in the daily life of the indigenous peoples. Conserving and managing these forests sustainably is at the heart of the island populations’ traditions and livelihoods.

This documentary focuses on South of Pentecost, an island famous for the “Nagol ceremony”, a thrilling land dive that is considered to be a precursor to bungee jumping. The ritual is performed by men who jump off 20 to 30 meter-high wooden towers.
The Government of Vanuatu, with the assistance of FAO and the Global Environment Facility, through the project “Forest and Protected Area Management” support the landowning communities with establishing and managing a protected area, the “Bay Homo Community Conservation Area”.

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