Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/PAK/3601 Building Capacity of Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department to facilitate seed and plant supply industry regulation 2017 2018213,000$
TCP/PAK/3602 Pilot Street Food Safety Programme 2017 2018161,000$
TCP/PAK/3603 Support for the formulation of projects for Strengthening Markets and Rural Transformation (SMART) initiatives in Punjab, Pakistan 2017 2018300,000$
TCP/PAK/3604/C1 TCPF: Remote Sensing for Spatio-Temporal Mapping of Smog in Punjab and identification of the underlying causes using GIS Techniques (R-SMOG) 2017 201899,000$
TCP/PAK/3605/C2 TCPF: Integration of Sustainable Development Goals into National Planning 2017 201899,000$
TCP/PAK/3502 Promotion of Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) in farming of carps and other potential finfish in Punjab and Balochistan Provinces 2015 2017371,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/PAK/601/UK Technical Support to Stakeholder Capacity Development for Effective Implementation of Pakistan`s National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy 2016 20182,647,001$
OSRO/PAK/503/IOM Multi-year Humanitarian Programme for Natural Disaster Preparedness, response and Recovery in Pakistan 2015-2019 (the Activities) 2015 20193,813,206$
UTF /PAK/139/PAK Control of Transboundary Livestock Diseases (Foot and Mouth Disease and Peste des Petits Ruminants) 2017 201826,275,773$
UTF /PAK/106/PAK Sindh Water Sector Improvement Phase-I Project (WSIP) 2008 20183,772,768$
UTF /PAK/099/PAK FAO/MinNFS&R Cooperation in Programme Development 2006 2017391,463$
GCP /PAK/141/AUL Australia Balochistan Agri-business Programme-Phase Two (AusABBA II) 2017 202316,742,770$
GCP /PAK/137/EC Improved Land Tenancy in Sindh Province 2017 20214,246,280$
GCP /PAK/138/USA Restoring Subsistence And Commercial Agriculture In FATA 2017 202010,000,001$
GCP /PAK/140/AUL Empowering Women in Balochistan through Agri Entrepreneurship 2017 2019863,230$
GCP /PAK/090/GFF Reversing deforestation and degradation in high conservation value Chilgoza Pine Forests in Pakistan (PPG) 2016 2017150,000$
GCP /PAK/134/USA Pakistan Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) Planning and Training Programme 2015 2017255,462$
GCP /PAK/130/USA Soil Fertility Management for Sustainable Intensification in Pakistan: Baseline Input Atlas and Promotion of Soil Fertility with Private Sector 2013 2017604,268$
UNJP/PAK/136/UNJ Community Resilience and Recovery Support to FATA`s Returning Internally Displaced Persons 2015 20184,145,150$