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      SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
      TCP/ARM/3605 Improving Feed Supply and Enhancing Processing in the Armenian Dairy Sector 2018 2019157,000$
      TCP/ARM/3601 Technical assistance for grape phylloxera-resistant planting material production 2017 2019395,000$
      TCP/ARM/3602/C1 TCPF: Assistance in Green Climate Fund 2017 201829,000$
      TCP/ARM/3603/C2 TCPF: Provide assistance to the State Service for Food Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia with risk assessment methodology and system in the fields of food safety, veterinary services and phytosanitary. 2017 201894,000$
      TCP/ARM/3604/C3 TCPF: Support to the Ministry of Agriculture in SDGs implementation and monitoring 2017 201836,000$
      SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total