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Updates of GIEWS Country Briefs

17/11/2013 - 

Global Information and Early Warning System on food and agriculture (GIEWS) Country Briefs provide up to date information on the food security situation of monitored countries. The Country Briefs include information on current agricultural season and the harvest prospects for main staple food crops and livestock situation.

In addition, these briefs provide estimates and forecasts of cereal production and imports together with food price and policy developments.

GIEWS has updated 22 countries (20 October – 18 November 2013) with following highlights (click the country name to get the full report).

Argentina (22-October-2013); Benin (24-October-2013); Central African Republic (29-October-2013); Dominican Republic (21-October-2013); Guatemala (24-October-2013); Madagascar (21-October-2013); Namibia (29-October-2013); Senegal (17-October-2013); South Africa (25-October-2013); Togo (24-October-2013); Venezuela (25-October-2013); Bolivia (05-November-2013); Brazil (05-November-2013); Ecuador (07-November-2013); Peru (07-November-2013); United Republic of Tanzania (08-November-2013); Mozambique (11-November-2013); Mexico (15-November-2013); Guyana (15-November-2013); Paraguay (14-November-2013); Thailand (15-November-2013).