Download the 2014 IYFF logo

The IYFF 2014 visual identity consists of a logo and the accompanying words “2014 International Year of Family Farming”.

The IYFF 2014 logo block (logo and accompanying words) can be used in its three variants: horizontal, square and vertical. You can download the low-resolution image (for use on the web and low-resolution printing, e.g. word documents) or high-resolution image (for high quality printed material*) of each variant in all languages below by clicking on the relevant link.


Low Res AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH                 Low Res -  AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH               Low Res -  AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH

High Res -  AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH                High Res -  AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH               High Res -  AR EN ES FR IT KO PT RO RU SL TU ZH 

The elements of the logo block can also be used independently: logo only and text only.


          Low Res                                           Low Res -  AR EN ES FR IT PT RU SL ZH  

          High Res                                          High Res -  AR EN ES FR IT PT RU SL ZH  


Logo guidelines

To find out more about the 2014 IYFF logo, see the complete logo guidelines.


* On some browsers the high-resolution images in CMYK will appear in different colours. Right click on the image and save onto your computer. These images will appear correctly when opened with the proper graphic design software.