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Synthesis of the case studies on sustainable use of agrobiodiversity: focus on European experiences
The combination of increasingly globalizing agricultural markets, rapidly modernizing local value chains, and urbanizing distribution channels presents African smallholders with considerably more complex challenges than those faced by Asian producers during the Green Revolution era. African smallholders today not only need to  produce more efficiently but also need to contend[...]
The virtual issue gathers a selection of publications on family farming in Sociologia Ruralis between 1969 and 2013. Taken together they reflect the development of thought through continuously returning questions (survival, succession, gender) as well as shifting points of attention.
More than 500 million family farms dominate agriculture around the world ensuring food security and providing employment to hundreds of millions of people. Family farms are also essential in safeguarding agro-biodiversity, and sustaining communities and cultures.
This note discusses the definitions, challenges and future prospects of family farming in the EU.
Divergent perspectives on rice farming in three large dam-irrigated areas in the Sahel.
It is globally recognized that food production must increase substantially to meet continuing population growth: by 2050 with 9 billion people predicted worldwide (FAO, 2012), the world will require 70 to 100% more food (Godfray et al., 2010; World Bank, 2008; Royal Society of London, 2009). How to fulfill this[...]
Africa is changing rapidly. However, too many people (including a large number of farmers) will continue to be hungry and malnourished if more is not invested in agriculture. African agriculture plays a prominent role in terms of economic growth, food security and poverty alleviation, with 63% of the population living in[...]
Ce dossier présente 21 unités de recherche de la région Languedoc-Roussillon regroupant plus de 1000 chercheurs qui se mobilisent, à travers tout ou partie de leurs activités, pour répondre, avec de nombreux partenaires, aux grands enjeux posés par le modèle des agricultures familiales, en France et dans le monde.
Agricultural biodiversity plays a huge role in maintaining resilient local economies, balanced diets and balanced ecosystems. The rapid disappearance of agricultural biodiversity and the lack of measures to protect it are therefore great causes of concern. Although mainstream agricultural policies threaten such agricultural biodiversity, in recent years many promising initiatives[...]
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