Agricultural value chain finance

This volume provides a global review of experiences and learning on the broad subject of value chain finance for agriculture in developing countries. Value chains in agriculture comprise a set of actors who conduct a linked sequence of value-adding activities involved in bringing a product from its raw material stage to the final consumer. Value chain finance, as described in this volume, refers to the financial flows to those actors from both within the value chain and financial flows to those actors from the outside as a result of their being linked within a value chain. The purpose of this book is to provide an understanding of the emerging field of agricultural value chain finance. Key questions include: • What is value chain finance, how is it applied and what can it offer to strengthen agricultural development? • How can financial systems, governments and services be prepared for the demands of financing modern agri-food chains? • How does agricultural value chain financing affect inclusion, especially for small producers and what can be done to make these systems more inclusive? • What can governmental and non-governmental (NGO) agencies do to support increased and more effective agricultural financing through value chains?

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