Farmers’ Organizations in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, roughly half the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. However, farmers face many challenges to earning a living. One challenge is access – access to markets, information, agricultural technologies, and related services and public goods. Another challenge is the lack of awareness of individualfarmers of their basic rights. Organizations, groups or associations among farmers have the potential to addressthese challenges, increase and diversify production in a sustainable manner, improve food and nutritionsecurity, and act as major agents of change in Bangladesh. Farmers’ organizations are increasingly seen as keypartners in global initiatives, including in the World Committee on Food Security, the Global Agriculture andFood Security Program (GAFSP) and the Scaling Up Nutrition movement.

There is a role that organizations of farmers can play in the design and management of investments under theCountry Investment Plan (CIP) of the Government of Bangladesh – a plan that covers agriculture, food securityand nutrition. Developing farmers’ organization capacities - in the design and implementation of activitiesunder the CIP - is one of the key goals of the Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project (IA PP) TechnicalAssistance Component, financed by the GA FSP and implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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