This site contains the FAO Glossary on Water related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Chinese, English, Spanish, French and Italian. The Arabic version is currently under development.

The Glossary was launched in 2009 by the FAO Meeting Programming and Documentation Service, CSCM (now CPAM),  under the framework of the Special Allocation on Implementation of the Language Policy 2009-2010 and in cooperation with the Istituto superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale (ISPRA), and the Natural Resources Management and Environment Department. The existing terminology on Water in FAO was consolidated with FAO-Water assistance. The AQUASTAT glossary containing 430 terms and definitions and new concepts, researched and developed by the Terminology Unit in CSCM (now CPAM) were also included.

Approximately 500 existing concepts in the FAOTERM system were incorporated into this collection coupled with new concepts, selected from key FAO and international documents and publications on Water, as well as from the proceedings of meetings of experts discussing water issues.

FAO pays particular attention to enhance a language use and to standardize technical terminology for its meetings, documentation and publications. It also promotes standard best practices for terminology management and storage, facilitating growth, interoperability and exchange.

The Glossary contains approximately 966 concepts, with synonyms, variants, definitions, remarks and context fields, as appropriate.

This Glossary will serve to facilitate multilingual communication and documentation in FAO's long-term objective of enhancing food security, sustainable livelihoods and environmental integrity by promoting capacity building in domains related to water in Member Nations.

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