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Reference Date: 11-February-2014


  1. Favourable cropping conditions for 2014 cereal crops, for harvest from May 2014

  2. Maize production in 2013 increased by 8 percent

  3. Lingering effects of economic downturn stresses food security conditions

Generally favourable rains benefit 2014 cereal crop

Harvesting of the 2014 cereal crops, mainly maize, is expected to commence in May. Overall, production prospects are favourable, with remote sensing imagery indicating satisfactory maize crop conditions.

Smaller national deficit in 2013/14

The national maize import requirement for the 2013/14 (May/April) marketing year, is estimated at a slightly lower level than the previous year, reflecting the improved 2013 domestic harvest. Currently, about two thirds of the estimated maize import requirements have been imported from South Africa.

Slow economic recovery stresses food security

Despite the improved cereal output in 2013, an estimated 290 000 persons were assessed to be at risk of food insecurity in 2013/14, partly attributable to the sluggish economic recovery. According to a 2013 assessment conducted by the government and WFP, malnutrition and food shortages resulted in a national loss of USD 92 million in 2009, the equivalent of 3.1 percent of the country’s GDP. In addition, the record maize prices in South Africa, are expected to exert some imported inflationary pressure on domestic prices, with negative implications on food access for low‑income households.

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