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Earth Observation

Methodology and Progress Reports
O. Rojas, A. Vrieling b, F. Rembold: Assessing drought probability for agricultural areas in Africa with coarse resolution remote sensing imagery
O. Rojas, Shukri Ahmed: Feasibility of using the FAO-Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) as a Remote Sensing based Index for Crop Insurance.
R.V. Hoolst, H. Eerens, etc: FAO’s AVHRR-based Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) for global drought monitoring
O. Rojas, Y. Li, R.Cumani: Understanding the drought impact of El Niño on the global agricultural areas: An assessment using FAO’s Agricultural Stress Index (ASI)
O. Rojas: Protocol for Country-Level ASIS, Calibration and national adaptation processes
M. Cumani, O. Rojas: Characterization of the Agricultural Drought Prone Areas on a Global Scale, using the FAO Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) to enhance the understanding of, and boost resilience to, water stress conditions in drought-prone areas

Data source
Boundary maps : GAUL 2008 plus South Sudan (Disclaimer). More information on GAUL:
Crop mask
Crop mask : JRC