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This web site contains latest information and analysis on domestic prices of basic foods mainly in developing countries, complementing FAO analysis on international markets. It provides early warning on high food prices at country level  that may negatively affect food security. All data used in the analysis can be found in the FPMA Tool.

  • International - The FAO Food Price Index hit a 15-month high in August due to increased prices of sugar, oils and dairy products
  • International - The FAO sugar price index hit its highest level since October 2012 and as much as 75 per cent above the same month last year
  • International - Ample supplies and improved production prospects kept cereal export prices under downward pressure in August
  • Far East Asia - Domestic prices of rice weakened in the main exporters in August, particularly in Thailand, amid favourable prospects for the 2016 paddy crops and sluggish export demand
  • South Sudan - Food prices declined in August on account of an increase in imports and with the new harvest but remained high
  • Nigeria - Cereal prices continued their increasing trend in July underpinned by the depreciation of the Naira
  • Southern Africa - Decreasing maize quotations in South Africa eased prices in importing countries of the subregion
  • South America - Domestic prices of yellow maize in Argentina fell in August with new supplies from the recently-completed record harvest. Elsewhere, prices increased on expectations of reduced outputs

Domestic Price Warnings

Countries where prices of one or more basic food commodity are at abnormal high levels in main markets (identified by the Indicator of Price Anomalies), which could negatively impact access to food at national level

Price warning level:  High   Moderate  [Based on GIEWS analysis]

Food Policy and Market Developments

26/09/2016 - 
The Government, on 23 September, cut import taxes on wheat, potatoes and palm oil. The wheat import tax was reduced from 25 percent, effective since October 2015 (FPMA Food Policies), [...]
23/09/2016 - 
The Government of the Russian Federation has removed the wheat export duty from 23 September, as announced in late August (FPMA Food Policies). The duty was first introduced in February [...]
23/09/2016 - 
Egypt, the world's largest buyer of wheat, lifted the import ban on wheat containing ergot, a common grain fungus, on 21 September, and returned to the international standard of allowing [...]
23/09/2016 - 
The Food Contract Corporation, the national body managing the state grain reserves, announced the new procurement prices for 2016 grains on 8 September. The Corporation has announced different purchase price [...]
22/09/2016 - 
The Government approved a special loan package of USD 27 million to rice millers to buy rice paddy from farmers. The total includes USD 20 million from the government’s budget [...]

Market Indicators